We Help Transport & Logistics Companies

Provide Customers With A Beautiful
Shipment Tracking Experience, And
Reduce Operational Workload

(Without Overhauling Your Current TMS System)

We Have Been Supporting Land, Sea,
And Air Shipments For Over Two Decades

This is best suited for shipment or container transport companies who transport via land, sea, and air.

You may want to provide a beautiful shipment tracking experience but are worried about the cost and time it normally would take to upgrade. We offer quick integration most TMS.

The Three Important Benefits of using
A Beautiful Shipment Tracking Portal...

1) Increase Brand Experience, And Customer Satisfaction

Create an easy way of allowing customers to track their shipments through your website, and app without any hassle at all. No external links needed.

2) Reduce Inbound Customer Service Enquiries

No more complex hub of software logins or tracking URL.

All your customers just need to do is visit your website, or download the app on Google Play or Apple Play Store.


3) Modernize and save costs. Automate and Streamline.

Improve your company’s performance, and service by providing focused tracking, and visibility solutions, not only to your customers, but also for your customer services teams, and suppliers, bringing everyone together in one place.



Standout With Branded Web, and Mobile App

You’ll have your own signature tracking web app system that separates you from your top competitors. Your customers will be able to download your mobile app from the android or google play store.

Shipment Summary Dashboard With Various
Ways To Filter

No more bulky web tracking applications. Now your customers will be able to conveniently track using our beautifully designed dashboards that allow them to have a good overview.

Map View Of All Of Your Shipments With High Level Stats

Your custom dashboard comes with shipment summary with various time, and client filters so you can track each of the shipments easily.

Shipments Map View With Filters

We know how important it is to have access to the nitty-gritty details. Keyura cloud provides you with complete shipment map view Information, such as milestones, notes, reference numbers, documents, containers, and routing Information.

Ability To View At Shipment Level Or Order Level

Keyura allows you to have a detailed shipment view, which tells you about essential information such as possible delays, routing issues, estimated time of arrivals, and type of container your shipments are using. This gives you access to all vital information that your customers might need to get their shipments easily.

Complete Order Summary

With Keyura, you’ll have access to all important information such as milestones, notes, reference numbers, documents, and container details which will provide you with a good overview.

Easy Integration

We easily integrate with Cargowise and many other TMS providers.


24 x 5 Email Support

How it works in

Five Easy Steps

Schedule a discovery call with us

We’ll integrate the software to the main TMS provider

Your customer logs in to your branded website and branded app and they can now see a map view of their shipment

Your customer views their shipment on map view tracking

Your customer can see everything from Shipments summary to active shipments


Asked Questions

Why buy from you? What makes you so special?

Keyura Cloud (powered by incepteo group) has been supporting logistics and freight forwarding companies for over two decades. We understand the challenges logistics companies, and freight forwarders face, and offer a solution that makes customers, and vendors happy.

Which TMS systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with all TMS systems that provide an API connection so we can pull data and display it on the app. offer a solution that makes customers, and vendors happy.

Who are you guys, anyway?

Keyura Cloud is the latest product from Incepteo Group, who have been in business since 2007. Incepteo Group are based out of Baker Street London where they also maintain their headquarters office for GB offices globally.

How do I present this to my team?

Custom branded visual tracking is a great way to increase your customer experience, loyalty and retention, resulting in an increase of revenue.

Most of our customers use visual tracking as an additional value add during the sales process to win and close deals. It improves the customer experience which has a positive affect on your customer lifetime value.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $350 per month, and an installation cost may be required. offer a solution that makes customers, and vendors happy.

Are there any long term contracts?

We typically work on 12, 24, and 36 month agreements.